Double-Entry Reading Logs


What is a Double-Entry Reading Log?

The Double-Entry Reading Log is a two column record of a student's interaction with a text.  In the left column, students write quotations from a text that students want to expand upon, understand better, or question.  In the right column, students relate to or analyze the quotation that is written in the left column.  Students title the left column "Quotations" and the right column "Responses."


Sample Double-Entry Reading Log



Why Are Double-Entry Reading Logs Important?

Double-Entry Reading Logs give students a way to interact personally with a text.  Students reflect on and write about their understanding of a text.  They also form opinions and then use pieces of the text to support their opinions.  Students should employ ACTIVE reading strategies while they read, and the Double-Entry Reading Log allows them to respond and analyze their comprehension of a selection.


ACTIVE Reading Strategies